Bathroom Renovations and Remodels

For many homeowners, the bathroom can be a high-traffic room. While it is important this room be functional and updated, your bathroom should also be comfortable and easy to maneuver.


Let’s face it – for many, the bathroom is a retreat and should provide relaxation. With over 200 years of collective experience, Wilderness Construction provides a variety of bathroom design options with your budget in mind. Whether you’re wanting to take on a full-scale bathroom remodel or just update its fixtures, don’t wait any longer to bring your bathroom renovation ideas to life!

Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

Increased Home Value

A bathroom renovation can significantly increase home value for homeowners wanting to sell their home. Remodeling Magazine has reported that homeowners have recouped over 50% of their costs for midrange bathroom remodeling projects. This statistic only represents a portion of the financial benefit – home buyers are drawn toward updated & clean bathroom designs, meaning a renovated bathroom could be a make-or-break factor.

Add More Space

Bathroom renovations can increase storage space without changing the square footage of your bathroom. Our remodeling experts are able to offer bathroom designs that will introduce modern storage solutions such as open shelbing, wall mounted cabinetry, and wall storage.

Increased Energy Efficiency

As the trend toward energy efficient homes continues to grow, more and more homeowners are implementing energy efficient appliances. Energy efficient appliances in the bathroom will not only reduce energy costs, but help cut back on water usage too. A bathroom remodel allows homeowners the opportunity to fix leaky faucets and toilets that continuously run.

Addition Of Modern & Luxurious Elements

Bathroom renovations give homeowners the chance to bring some of the modern elements of daily life into what should be one of the most relaxing rooms in the home. Hands-free faucets, heated toilet seats, even mirrors with televisions in them could become part of your new bathroom design – the possibilities are truly endless.

Is A Bathroom Renovation Right For You?

An old bathroom can be a serious downer that impacts your daily life. When the room is outdated, you’re likely to speed through your morning routine. A modern bathroom design with adequate storage will let new tile and clean grout lines shine, making this room exponentially more attractive, functional, and enjoyable. If you are ready to take the next step, get in touch with our remodeling experts at Wilderness Construction to develop the bathroom design that is right for you!


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