Entry Doors

Updating your entry door is one way to significantly change the look of your home without dragging out a long and expensive project. Increased security against intruders and lowered utility costs are also benefits of this type of renovation.


Benefits Of Upgrading Entry Doors

Save On Energy Bills

Living in the Ann Arbor area, you know what its like to face the freezing conditions of a Michigan winter – the heat of summer can be just as harsh. One of the greatest expenses an Ann Arbor Metro household faces is the cost of heating and cooling the home. Installing a replacement entry door gives homeowners a chance to address any issues they may have with the insulation and sealing around the door to reduce air flow. Better insulation from your door along with the seal around it will directly lower your heating and cooling costs.

Enhance Curb Appeal

The front door of your home is often the first thing a person sees when looking at your house. An outdated front door may not only leave a bad impression, but could also degrade other exterior home improvements you’ve made!

Increase Home Value

With an entry door upgrade that compliments other parts of your home’s exterior, you’re sure to create more curb appeal. Greater curb appeal is proven to attract more buyers and help a home on the market sell more quickly. Exterior home improvements can increase the value of your home 5-10%! In fact, Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report ranks exterior home improvement projects as seven of the top 10 best value home upgrades.

Increased Home Security

Not all doors are the same! The best way to increase front door security is simply to upgrade to a better door. Exterior doors should always have a solid core. Replacing your entry door also gives you the opportunity to install a stronger locking mechanism (especially if you’re considering adding a “Smart Lock” system).


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