Kitchen Reno & Remodeling: Style On A Budget!

Kitchen Reno & Remodeling: Style On A Budget!

Key Takeaway:

  • Renovations involve restoring spaces to their former, mint glory. And remodeling means altering the layout of a space to a new one.
  • Kitchen remodels, done right, can recoup as much as 80% on ROI – according to the NAR.
  • To define a cost-effective remodeling budget, you need to adopt a range of money-saving habits – like setting aside a contingent 20% for the kitchen remodel and factoring in takeout.
  • For max ROI, the safe play is to focus on budget upgrades with a focus on appliances & amenities. Researching what home buyers like is essential.
  • Wilderness Construction, Inc., based in Ann Arbor, MI, are experts in the field of budget kitchen upgrades & additions. We can help enhance your kitchen’s visual & monetary appeal.

It’s the season of pumpkin spiced lattes, and there is nothing better than to make one up in a brand-new kitchen on a budget, surrounded by your loved ones. All you need to do is explore options in a kitchen reno/remodel and recognize what you need in a new look. Then let expert renovation contractors source you cost-effective & durable materials for the most ‘wow’ on a budget kitchen remodel!

How to Budget Better for a Kitchen Makeover?

Before you get on with the remodel, here are some quick budgeting pointers to get you started without putting you to sleep!

  • Decide your max & min spending amounts & adhere to them when you consult an interior designer.
  • Break down the costs for each kitchen remodel or reno layout you have in mind. Make it detailed for your convenience.
  • Always reserve a 20% contingent amount if the reno/remodel goes out of hand.
  • Appliances? Countertops? Or cabinets? Define your budget priorities.
  • Knowing how to pay matters a lot. Will it be cash or financing? It is ideal for getting pre-approved with a bank or a renovation contractor offering finance.
  • Budget higher if you plan to sell your home & focus on high ROI alterations in the kitchen.
  • Remember to factor in the cost of takeout because that kitchen will be MIA until it is fixed up.
  • Avoid splurging on unnecessary kitchen additions & keep all costs documented on a spreadsheet.

Now, we begin by helping you actualize what level of a fix you want in your kitchen, then further sculpting your budget for savings.

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How to Budget Better for a Kitchen Makeover?

Types of Reno/Remodels

Before you decide to get your kitchen spruced up, you need to take a good look at the space and plan what needs to be fixed, what needs to be refreshed, & what needs upgrading.

Knowing that will also help you understand how much you can earn back when you decide to sell the house after a kitchen improvement project.

The Basic Brush-Up

This is more like kitchen repairs and some maintenance. It wouldn’t count as a remodel, but it is a kitchen repair job at its basest. Squeaky hinges, rotten cabinet doors, cracked showcases, or even outdated & faulty stoves – these might need a bit of polishing & minor fixes to make the kitchen look clean & decent.

You could repaint your cabinets the same color to refresh them too. It can all be covered DIY, but it won’t make much difference unless you hire a home improvement expert or a renovation contractor.

The Visual Appeal

In this, you need new cabinetry, preferably in wood, but vinyl is economical too. New countertops for the sides & the kitchen island (if you have one), new kitchen fixtures, and perhaps a quality sourced stove are good additions. You might consider picking out a fresh color palate and some furniture to go along with the restored change in the kitchen.

Bang-Budget-Buck Project

The National Association of Realtors cites new countertops & top-notch kitchen appliances as projects with high returns on investment, often as high as 80%. So, if you’re looking for returns on resale, then this is how you have to budget your kitchen renovation.

The Passion Project

These are remodeling projects where cost is not an issue. That would involve an entire kitchen remodel with a complete change of looks, furnishings & layout. And, it is not always guaranteed that passion remodels might yield high returns. If you added an Italian oven in a remodel, the next person buying might not be happy with that.

Budget Remodel: Kitchen Layouts

However, a few layouts will stay within your budget if you go for a kitchen remodel and still yield high returns. Just bear with us!

Keep in mind: The work triangle concept is crucial when working with an interior designer in a kitchen remodel. The idea is to design a cooking space with all the required kitchen elements for maximum efficiency.

Keep your candidate designs under the layout of an ergonomic space. It will help you impress your clients when you stage your home for sale.

The Single Wall

This layout focuses on one wall taking up one wall in three levels. 

  1. The highest level is the cabinetry layout, the showcases & shelves. 
  2. The next level is the sink, stove, and countertops in a single file.
  3.  The lowest levels are the cutlery & condiment drawers, followed by the dishwasher, the washer, and an oven.

The work triangle is not possible in a single-wall space, but it is still very feasible & adds strength to the kitchen display.

The Gallery

This kitchen layout has two rows of cabinets opposing each other in a corridor-type kitchen. It eliminates the need for corner shelves & utilizes cabinet space efficiently. The simplistic design also ensures less need for special kitchen gadgets, making it a cost-effective remodel layout in limited spaces.

One wall becomes the active work area with the stove as the centerpiece. At the same time, the other will takes a passive area as the one containing the cutlery & sink.


This is the best option for limited open spaces in small & large homes. The corner kitchen, or the L-shape, has cabinets along two walls 90 degrees to each other (perpendicular).

You will need an adept renovation contractor to fabricate a practical corner cabinet. Still, the layout offers optimal space for appliance placement & work zones.


If you have a large kitchen and need a budget kitchen to remodel, this kitchen layout is a treat – a visual treat. It comprises cabinetry covering three walls, or – if it feels too stuffy – two walls with cabinets and the third with focal tiles or a hob hood. It is a fantastic layout for a multi-family kitchen, and with suitable materials, you can get enough bang for your buck!

Kitchen Island & Peninsula

This kitchen layout comprises isolated storage or worktop in the center of the kitchen. It can house the hob unit or the sink and serve as a food prep area for meal times. They go well as passion projects in U-shape layouts but can also be achieved as a budget remodel.

The peninsula is like an attached island or extending kitchen counter from an L-shaped kitchen in an open-plan home. It’s helpful in spaces where you can’t usually install a kitchen island.

How Does Hiring a Professional Remodeler Help?

Hiring a remodeling contractor ensures you get the A-to-Z of remodeling layouts, where you need repairs when a budget is suitable for a renovation, and what color palette will suit the coking space best.

You get quality materials, appliances, & fixtures sourced for you that might seem from unheard-of brands. Still, they are feasible as they are durable. And you have none of the DIY remodel blunders to deal with for a long time afterward.

Remember to keep your contractor in the loop when you are sourcing materials, and be sure to research the rate of returns on various investments on a kitchen remodel and the rest of the house.

Budget or not, simplicity & covering basic amenities in a kitchen remodel will help recoup 80% of the costs in ROI. Trust in the reno & remodeling experts.

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