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Siding Contractors Ann Arbor, Siding Contractors Washtenaw

Has your siding begun to fade, crack or bubble?

Is your home’s exterior not meeting your standards?

The siding of your house is the first thing about your home people notice. If it isn’t making a positive first impression, it might be time to explore replacement options. Our experienced siding contractors can assist you in selecting the ideal colors, designs, textures, and materials tailored to your home’s unique needs. 

Here are a few selections that our customers love: 

Cement Board Siding 

For those seeking a material that is exceptionally durable, cement board siding is the way to go. Cement board siding is a composite material made from a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. This combination is resistant against fire, rotting, and pests and requires very little maintenance, a quality all homeowners love!

Additionally, cement board siding comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes which allows it to suit many different styles and designs. It can also mimic the appearance of wood, stone, or brick at a fraction of the cost, which is another reason why it’s a popular choice. 

Vinyl Siding 

A durable plastic option, widely used due to its extensive color range, affordability, and easy maintenance. Vinyl siding is not only easy to install but also resistant to harsh weather conditions, avoiding issues like rot, rust, and corrosion. 

Vinyl siding is the most popular siding material, and the most common siding you will see in today’s housing market. 

Cedar Siding 

Known for its natural beauty, cedar siding is also easy to paint and stain. When aging, it transforms to a silver-gray hue, adding a lovely touch to your home.

Eco-friendly and durable, cedar has natural oils that repel rot, mildew, decay and insects. While it comes with a higher cost, it truly enhances your home’s value. 

Siding Contractors Ann Arbor, Siding Contractors Washtenaw

Treated Wood

Overcoming wood siding challenges, treated options like thermally modified or pressure-treated woods are water, fungal and fire-resistant. Classified as a higher-end material, treated wood adds value to your home and is easier to install and repair if need be.

Siding Replacement Services 

If your siding is deteriorating, don’t delay! Schedule a free consultation with us to avoid potential structural issues. Upgrading your siding not only enhances your home’s value, but also contributes to utility bill savings, ensuring proper insulation for years to come. 

New Siding Installation

Considering new siding for improved appearance, indoor comfort, and reduced maintenance? We’re here to help! Installing new siding is a great way to customize your home to be cohesive with your personal style, and increase value later down the line. 

Work With Our Siding Contractors in Ann Arbor!

We know you want the best prices possible for quality products and a job well done. We install James Hardie siding, Mastic Siding, CertainTeed Siding, Ply Gem Siding, and other popular name brands! We ensure our customers are satisfied by using high end materials installed by knowledgeable, friendly siding contractors. 

If you’re ready for new siding, contact our siding contractors in Ann Arbor today to set up a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you give your home a refresh!

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