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Signs of Distress in Your Shingles

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Do you know how old your shingles are? 

Were your shingles damaged during a recent storm? 

If you want to protect your home and avoid costly repairs, it’s important to identify the warning signs that your shingles are presenting. 

Signs Your Shingles Are Distressed 

Curling, cupping, or cracked shingles are definitely a sign of distress. The degree of distress can vary, however.

If you notice damage isolated to a single area, it’s likely weather damage that could be easily repaired. If you notice damage in several spots across the roof, the damage might be attributable to the age or overall quality of the roof, and it’s probably time to consider a replacement.

Missing shingles are another surface problem that indicates stress. If you’re missing shingles in a small area, replacing them is a good option, although it can be very difficult to match considering weathering and age. If you’re missing shingles in several locations, it’s likely time for the whole roof to be stripped and re-shingled. 

Usually, you can look for this kind of damage without getting on the roof at all. You’ll likely see significant damage from standing outside just far enough away from the house to see your shingles.

Keep Your Shingles Healthy with Repair Roofers Working in Pickney, Michigan 

Are your shingles showing signs of distress? 

It’s important to monitor the health of your shingles, they protect your home! Working with repair roofers working in Pinckney, Michigan ensures your siding and shingles are inspected and maintained. 

Contact our experienced roofers today! 

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