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Know When It's Time for an Inspection

Roofing Company Ann Arbor

Have you noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills?

Have you scheduled your home's yearly roof inspection?

Scheduling a roof inspection can help you catch signs of damage before it’s too late, but how do you know when it’s time to schedule? 

The Importance of Roof Inspections 
Roof inspections can prevent significant damage to your home. In Michigan, harsh winters and frequent storms can take a toll on your roof, causing damage like missing or broken shingles. Without routine inspections, damage can go unnoticed, risking the structural integrity of your roof.

Regular inspections can also extend the life of your roof. By catching and repairing minor issues early, you avoid more extensive repairs. A well-maintained roof improves the energy efficiency of your home, reducing your heating and cooling costs.

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection
We recommend scheduling a roof inspection at least once a year, ideally in the spring or fall when the weather is mild. However, if you notice any signs of damage, such as water stains on your ceiling or missing shingles, you should schedule an inspection immediately.

Signs that it's time for a roof inspection:

●    Your roof is more than 10 years old
●    You've experienced severe weather, such as a hailstorm or high winds
●    You're planning to buy a home
●    You've noticed an increase in your energy bills

Roofing Company in Ann Arbor Provides Thorough Inspections 

Don't wait until you have a significant problem to schedule an inspection. 

If you notice any warning signs your roof has suffered damage contact Wilderness Construction, a roofing company in Ann Arbor, at (734)429-0616 for a complete and comprehensive roof inspection. 

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