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Window Replacement

Window Replacement Ann Arbor

Do your windows feel drafty?

Are your windows no longer blocking out sounds from the outside world?

When it’s time to replace your windows, you’ll know. There are plenty of signs that show you when it’s time for a window replacement in Ann Arbor

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to get them replaced to prevent damage to your home. 


Condensation forming on the inside of your windows is a clear sign that they’re failing and need to be replaced. Condensation is a sign of excessive moisture trapped between the panes of glass in your window, which creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. 

Outside Noise

If you hear your neighbors talking, traffic blaring, and mosquitos buzzing, your windows may not be properly insulated. Not only can this be a huge annoyance, but windows that aren’t properly insulated can lead to higher utility bills - is the biggest grievance of all! 

Visible Damage

This is the most obvious sign that a window replacement is needed, and it should not be ignored. Cracks in windows create an open invitation to pests. It’s vital to replace visibly damaged windows in your home as soon as possible to prevent a pest infestation from occurring and threatening the structural integrity of your home. 

Floor and Furniture is Faded 

If the carpet and furniture near your windows looks faded, this is another indicator that is might be time for a window replacement. This shows that your windows are not properly blocking light and keeping out harmful UV rays. 

Difficult to Open and Close

If you have difficulties opening and closing your windows, it’s time to replace them. Windows can become hard to operate over time for multiple reasons, from temperature changes, to tight springs or even a painted frame.  Your windows are useless if they don’t move like they’re supposed to, not to mention it’s a safety hazard as well! All windows should open and close correctly in the event of a fire or other emergency. 

Is it Time for a Window Replacement in Your Ann Arbor Home?

If your windows are displaying any of the problems mentioned, it’s time to replace them. Wilderness Construction is certified to install new, energy efficient windows from a variety of name brands such as Anderson, Pella, and Provia. We offer great prices for quality products. 

If you are ready for a window replacement, contact our experienced team today! 

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