How To Paint Your Vinyl Siding Exterior

How To Paint Your Vinyl Siding Exterior

Key Takeaways:

– Vinyl siding can be painted, but it requires proper preparation and a high-quality paint specifically designed for vinyl.

– The choice of color depends upon factors including the style of your home, the neighborhood, and personal preference.

– Cleaning and priming are essential steps in the vinyl siding painting to ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish.

– Apply thin and even coats and multiple layers for the best results.

How your home looks from the outside matters as much as its interior. Siding options for houses have come a long way, and vinyl siding has become one of the most renowned for its durability and low maintenance. But what about vinyl siding and painting? Can it be painted, or is replacement your only option?

The prompt answer is yes, and you can paint your exterior vinyl siding. However, before you grab a brush and a can of paint, there are some things to consider.

Wilderness Construction, Inc. is your trusted siding contractor. Today we will give you some vinyl siding paint inspirations and how to do it. 

How to Paint Vinyl Siding?

Step 1: Choose an appropriate paint

Whether you’re painting your sidings or hiring a siding contractor, it’s essential to research and choose an appropriate paint for vinyl siding. 

Exterior vinyl siding paint contains two types of resins: acrylic and urethane. The ingredients work together to accommodate the expansion and contraction of vinyl, as well as improve coating adhesion. So before you jump to painting vinyl siding, make sure you use vinyl-safe paint. Thoroughly check the label and consult with a professional if needed. Generally, it would help if you avoided vinyl or PVC colors since these can potentially damage vinyl siding.

Step 2: Consider the style of your home

Once you’re set on the type of paint, the question of the color to choose comes next. The choice of color depends upon several factors, including the style of your home, the neighborhood, and personal preferences. If you have a Victorian or historical-style home, your paint color should complement its traditional charm. A contemporary or modern home could benefit from bold, eye-catching colors. And if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA or restrictive covenants, check their guidelines before making any drastic changes.

Next comes climate considerations. Just like you won’t wear a wool coat in the summer, specific colors can absorb more heat and may not be suitable for warmer climates. Darker colors tend to absorb more heat, while lighter colors can reflect it, making them a better option for hot climates.

Step 3: Have a good look at the weather.

By the good look, we mean ensuring the weather forecasts do not predict rain or high winds for at least 24-48 hours. Painting vinyl siding is doable in colder weather, but considering the much colder weather in Saline, MI, you may want to wait for warmer weather to ensure the paint adheres properly. If you can’t wait that long, ensure the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme cold can also cause the paint not to adhere correctly.

Step 4: Preparation

Someone must have told you this before, but it bears repeating: proper preparation makes all the difference in a successful paint job. This includes repairing any damage to the vinyl siding, cleaning the vinyl siding, and priming before painting. Have a siding contractor inspect and repair any damage before starting your paint job.

Next, clean the vinyl siding with a mild detergent solution and a soft brush or sponge. The goal is to clear the surface and make it smooth for the paint to adhere correctly. Proper cleanliness ensures that any mold, mildew, or chalking is removed before painting.

Step 5: Priming and setting up supplies

Drop cloths, painter’s tape, and any ladders or scaffolding are some of the supplies you’ll need to paint vinyl siding. While some consider priming an additional step, we recommend always using a primer before applying paint. Priming the surface enables you to use less paint and helps the color to remain vibrant.

Since the painting work requires the use of a ladder, safety is also a top priority. Ensure all ladders are in perfect working condition and properly secured before climbing. Or you can hire a siding contractor to do the job for you and avoid any potential accidents.

Step 6: Begin painting

Wait for the primer to dry before starting to paint. Apply the paint in a thin and even coat, using brush strokes that go in the same direction as the vinyl siding panels.

Remember to apply multiple coats of paint for a more durable finish. And voila! Your vinyl siding now has a fresh new look.

Before multiple layering, remember to create even space in between coats to ensure the paint adheres well. And just like that, you have a new exterior for your home without having to replace all the vinyl siding.

But before starting a vinyl siding painting project, it’s important to note that not all vinyl siding can be painted. Do take a word of caution from a siding contractor, as some vinyl siding manufacturers do not recommend painting their product.

Step 7: Enjoy the new look

With your home painted and looking fresh, sit back and enjoy the new look of your vinyl-sided exterior. Make your neighbors green with envy and show off your DIY skills. Before starting the project, check with a siding contractor or manufacturer to ensure that your vinyl siding can be painted. Happy painting!

Step 7: Enjoy the new look

Ending Note:

Following these steps, you can breathe new life into your home’s exterior and improve curb appeal with a few hours of work. Don’t forget to have fun with it, and experiment with different colors and finishes to find the look that best suits your style. And if you run into any problems or have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

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